Friday, June 25, 2010

With tough decision looming, LeBron James turns to Yelp

From the Wait 'til this Year Humor Vault

An exasperated LeBron James wonders where he should go next.

CLEVELAND--When LeBron James becomes a free agent on July 1, several teams will be ready to pounce. Should he stay at home in Cleveland? Should he join Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh? Should he head to a major market like New York or Chicago? Facing a very difficult decision, James has turned to the website Yelp for help. Wait 'til this Year sat down with James at his computer as he reviewed his options.

"Danny from Evanston says: 'The Bulls are #1! They're my fave!' Wow, he gave them five stars," LeBron said.

"Oh, but look, Mike T from Los Angeles says: 'The Clippers are on their way to the top, baby! 2010-11 will be THE YEAR! Can't wait!' Five stars for them too. Very interesting ..."

After an hour on the site, LeBron was disappointed to find that most teams garnered a five-star rating from the majority of reviewers, and felt the reviews he read were overwhelmingly positive. All in all, he didn't gain much from the experience. He did find one review, however, that bucked the trend.

"Vinny D from Chicago says 'F--k the Bulls, they f--king suck. All of Chicago can go to hell.' Zero stars. Wow. Really makes you think, doesn't it?"

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  1. What a dilemma for LeBron. I'm glad he's checking all his options.