Friday, July 24, 2009

South Side perfection

Congratulations to Mark Buehrle on his perfect game against the Rays. It was the first in the majors since Randy Johnson blanked the Braves in 2004, and just the 18th in MLB history. The win also brought Buehrle into a tie for the league lead in wins, and pulled the Sox into a virtual tie for first in the AL Central.

I'm no Sox fan (as evidenced by a t-shirt I own which says nothing but "SOX SUCK" in giant block letters), but Buehrle's a good guy and hard to dislike. He's got a good attitude, throws a ton of innings, and gives his team a chance to win pretty much every time out.

And props to which allowed visitors to watch the end of the game on MLB.TV even if they weren't subscribers. I got to see the last two innings live on my computer, which was pretty cool.

Even cooler was the catch by Dewayne Wise for the first out in the 9th. I thought the ball was going to leave the park, and that's because it was--until Wise leapt in the air and snagged it, but then juggled it and eventually secured it in his throwing hand as he tumbled to the ground. Given the inning and the context, it's one of the best catches I've ever seen.

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Speaking of White Sox pitchers ...

Did you catch this captivating read from the Sun-Times? Former White Sox pitcher Jim Parque wrote an essay admitting to HGH usage and explaining the reasons for his decision. Worth a read.

Central Intelligence

The Cardinals are close to acquiring Matt Holliday from the A's. He will be a free agent after this season, and while his Oakland Coliseum stats (.287, 11, 54) haven't matched the numbers he put up in Coors Field, he's batting .344 this month.

***UPDATE***According to ESPN, the deal is done.

Draft dodging

Because it just wasn't long enough, the NFL is expanding the draft to three days. Now I have to ignore the vapid routine of random players being announced for three days instead of two!

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