Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#10 for #36

Tuesday: Cubs 4, Astros 1

If you had to pick one bright spot in this discouraging season, it would have to be Randy Wells.

Wells became the first Cub to get to 10 wins this season with 6.2 innings and no earned runs Tuesday night. He also became the first Cubs rookie to reach double digits in wins since Kerry Wood won 13 games in 1998. There isn't a person in the world save Randy's mom who thought he would be the Cubs best pitcher this year, which just goes to show you how crazy this game can be. The Belleville, Ill., native figures to be a key part of the Cubs' plans in 2010.


Speaking of pitching, the Cubs bullpen has now thrown 19.2 consecutive scoreless innings. Why do I have a feeling that the next time they allow a run in a game, they'll allow about six?


This really got my goat:

"I haven't seen any laying down here. I don't think that's why we've lost baseball games. I've been pleased with the effort we've gotten."

-Lou Piniella

Lou treats these guys more gently than a newborn baby. He's "pleased" with the effort he's gotten? How about Soriano running to every fly ball as if his spikes are flipped inside out? How about the Cubs ranking 11th in sacrifice hits and 12th in sac flies in the National League? How about the fact that they've committed the third most errors in the league? How about dropped fly balls, miscommunication in the field and jogging to first on potential doubles?

It seems to me that if you're going to sign top performers to huge contracts, you have to take into account that their heads might get a little big at times, and that they might need a swift kick in the behind every now and then. But instead, they've got a bunch of overconfident primadonnas and a manager who is all too happy to remind them how hard they're trying even if they're hardly trying at all.


For your enjoyment (or frustration), here's a very difficult baseball rules quiz. I took it a while ago and got four or five correct, I believe. Good luck!

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  1. That Lou is such a kidder ... I think he must've wanted that to go in his own Humor Vault section...