Monday, January 17, 2011

The name game, vol 11.1

Shabazz Napier, UCONN
I assume Shabazz is so-named because his parents are fans of the Nation of Islam? But even so ... Shabazz. Even Malcolm X eventually realized it was best to go a different direction, and Shabazz wasn't even his first name.

D.J. Gay, San Diego State
"Join us at Manville's as D.J. Gay mixes it up on the ones and twos
from midnight to three a.m.! Lots of Elton John and Ricky Martin! Come for the tunes, stay for the Cosmos!"

D.J. Boney, Delaware
He must have the 3 - 5 a.m. time slot. He doesn't even need to use his hands to operate the turntables.

Wquinton Smith, Wisconsin
No. Just no.

The same name game--players who share a name with a famous person

Reggie Jackson, Boston College
Mike Singletary, Texas Tech
Billy Kidd, Delaware (middle name "The")

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  1. I love the name game. There should be a weekly edition.