Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atlanta Hawks "totally thought" series with Cavs was best of 13

From the Wait 'til this Year Humor Vault

ATLANTA--Atlanta Hawks Coach Mike Woodson is having a hard time getting over his team's sweep at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially because he mistakenly thought the series was best of 13 rather than best of seven.

"We definitely would have played it a lot differently had we known that," Woodson said. "We were really just getting warmed up. Sure, we were down 4-0, but we thought there was plenty of time to make our move. I never even gave my big 'It's now or never' speech."

Woodson said the best of seven format "makes sense," but he could have sworn he overheard a fan say something about "best of 13" during Game 1.

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  1. Poor guy. He should pick up a paper once in a while.