Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cubs pitchers continue to dodge LA's bats, Cubs win 2-1

Friday: Cubs 2, Dodgers 1

-The Cubs won a low-scoring game! The Cubs won a low-scoring game! For the first time since September 11 of last year, the Cubs won a game while scoring fewer than four runs; they're now 1-19 when doing so this season.

-Just like I said when the season started: Koyie Hill will have more home runs than Geovany Soto this year.

-It's still a very, very small sample size, but Jake Fox has thus far shown the ability to translate his minor league achievements into success at the major league level. Despite pinch-hitting in three of his four at-bats, he's 3-for-4 (in fact, the only time he failed to record a hit was when he wasn't pinch-hitting). Fox also scored the winning run on Friday.

-Lilly recorded his sixth win of the year with seven strong innings; only Johan Santana and Bronson Arroyo have more wins in the NL.

-After facing Randy Wolf and Chad Billingsley, the series is tied at one. Now the Cubs will see a couple more hittable pitchers in Eric Stults and Eric Milton. Wolf and Billingsley have batting averages against in the .220's, while Stults and Milton allow averages over .250.

Central intelligence

-Brewers GM Doug Melvin said his team is not currently going after Jake Peavy or anyone other trade targets.

-The Cardinals lost 4-2 to Matt Cain and the Giants, pulling the Cubs to within 3.5 games of first.

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