Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All is not well that ends, Wells

Tuesday: Braves 6, Cubs 5, 12 inn.
-Randy Wells probably didn't expect to get his first career hit and RBI before getting his first career win, but he also probably didn't expect to get screwed pretty much every time he pitches. He might have had a tough time falling asleep Tuesday night after seeing yet another strong outing ruined (though this time by the bullpen rather than the bats)
. He took a no-hitter into the seventh, but Marmol and Gregg combined to blow a 5-1 lead.

From what I've read, Wells is a class act, a hard worker, and he takes nothing for granted. Though he's run into extremely tough luck several times already this season, he certainly seems to have the stuff to notch more than a few wins in his career.

-Milton Bradley, you are ridiculous.
You're more prone to injury than Kenny from South Park.

I don't blame Yunel Escobar for taking first base even though Wells's pitch clearly hit his bat rather than his body, but the way he played up the injury as if he had just suffered a life-altering traumatic event was ridiculous. Wells should have hit him later in the game just to remind him what it really feels like to get hit by a pitch.

-Carlos Marmol's ERA is a respectable 3.38, but he's walked a ridiculous 24 batters in 24 innings. He ranks 35th in the NL in walks, but all but two of the pitchers who have walked more batters than him have pitched at least 40 innings.

Cubs notes

-Going into Tuesday's game, the Cubs bullpen had a 15.1 inning scoreless streak.

-This is not meant as a criticism, as Fukudome is still hitting .312, but he's hit just one home run since April 26.

MLB notes

-Starting for the Phillies on Tuesday was a guy named Bastardo. I find that amusing.

-I honestly had no idea that they had changed the name of Dolphin Stadium to this ridiculous name.

-Miguel Tejada leads the NL in batting average (.362).

-I mentioned recently that Bronson Arroyo and Johan Santana lead the league in wins with seven. Joining them atop the leader board last week was Jason Marquis.


  1. Jason Marquis for Cy Young! A prescient commenter to your blog seems to have seen this coming way back on February 22nd.

  2. Well, a) I don't see the words "Cy Young" anywhere in this comment:

    "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm not convinced trading Marquis was the right move. Neither Marshall or Heilman seems like a certain improvement. Assuming someone gets injured (and this being the Cubs, someone will get injured) both of these guys are likely to be making some starts. I'm not sure we have the bullpen depth to handle that. All the salary dumping this off-season and the biggest improvement is Milton Bradley? I think the Cubs would have been smart to pick up another proven starter, even if it's not Jake Peavy."

    b) you certainly seemed sold on Sean Marshall just a few short days ago,

    c) our starters have the fifth best ERA in the NL, so I'm not sure whom Marquis would replace, or that starting pitching is the problem for us, and

    d) good use of the word "prescient"

  3. a) I'm kind of kidding about Cy Young. That'll go to Randy Wells.
    b) Still a fan of Marshall, but he is going to the 'pen because they desperately need help (see original comment).
    c) Marquis would replace Dempster once he reclaims his rightful role as closer.
    d) Thanks!

  4. I hope my "prescience" is welcome in this nerd brigade...all I wanted to add is that Yunel Escobar must have played soccer growing up.