Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hard to bear

Week 7: Bengals 45, Bears 10

Two weeks ago, the Bears were The Team that Was Overcoming Injuries and Finding Ways to Win Games. Today, they're football's version of the Titanic.

Such is life in the NFL. With only 16 games on the schedule, every game can cause a rather seismic shift in the standings. We knew we'd know a lot more about the Bears after back-to-back road games against good teams. It turns out that ignorance was bliss.

There is literally not one statistic that Bears fans can look to in order to feel better about Sunday's performance. Um, Devin Hester had over 100 yards receiving? (Yeah, but he had a fumble, too.) Uh, Johnny Knox had a nice day returning kicks? (He sure had a lot of opportunities.)

Yeah, it was ugly. The season will turn into a complete brownout if they can't beat a terrible Cleveland team this Sunday. Either the Packers or Vikings will lose since they'll be playing one another. So let's forget about the bungled game against the Bengals and know that we should be feeling at least a little better one week from today.

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