Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rams offer 2nd round draft pick to Lions if they'll go back to being the laughingstock of the league

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ESPN's Page 2 recommends a new logo for the Rams.

ST. LOUIS--In a first-of-its-kind trade offer, the St. Louis Rams have offered the Detroit Lions a 2010 second round draft pick in exchange for the Lions agreeing to once again be known as the laughingstock of the NFL.

"Before their stupid victory over the Redskins in Week 3," said Rams GM Bill Devaney, "football fans all over the country were able to enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the Lions. 'They may never win again!' fans would say. 'They're so terrible!' But now, people are starting to say that about us, and that doesn't feel very good."

With Detroit finally getting into the win column after 19 straight losses, the Rams are on the hot seat of public ridicule due to their current 15-game losing streak. They're averaging less than a touchdown per game on offense this season and have been shut out twice in their five losses.

Needing to escape the spotlight--and admitting that winning a game or two in order to do so is "pretty much out of the question"--Devaney is turning to the trade front in the hopes of luring the Lions into willingly returning to the days when everyone in America could quickly and confidently tell you that Detroit was clearly the worst team in the NFL.

Added Devaney at the end of his press conference: "What do you call 47 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl? The Detroit Lions! ZING! Ohhhhhh, man, that gets me every time. The Lions are so bad ..."

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  1. Good stuff. Thanks for another H.V. article.