Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's July 1--do you know where YOUR LeBron is?

If LeBron James comes to the Bulls, I will become a big Bulls fan again. I want to apologize in advance to all those who have carried the torch through the 15-win season in 2000-01, through the Bill Cartwright era--through the last decade, essentially. Basketball has never topped my list of sports, and throw in some last place finishes and sub-.300 winning percentages, and my basketball meter drops pretty low. But I've watched them here and there the last couple years and I followed them closely in the playoffs. Still, kudos to those who have worn the jerseys and knew names like Ron Mercer and Fred Hoiberg.

I'm sick of the "sources" and the "summits" and the Stephen A Smiths. I'm ready for some real, live free agency and some actual signings. There's never been anything like this in any sport before. One summer will change the entire landscape of the NBA. Some teams could go from also-rans to title contenders while others will be left out in the cold, free agent-less and regretful that they traded their best players away just to chase a pipe dream that never came true.

Hopefully the Bulls will be an example of the former, and hopefully King James will write a new and amazing chapter of Bulls history. No team really has the right to get both an Air Jordan and a King James, but to hell with that. Come to Chicago, LeBron! The hardcore and the bandwagon fans await you, with a Rose in hand.


  1. The trivia question on the news this morning was how much will LeBron have to pay in tolls to move the furnishings from his 11 bedroom Ohio house to Chicago. It's over $400 .. but I think he can afford it!

  2. 15 win season?? Fred Hoiberg?? And these are real, not from the Humor Vault. Who knew???!!