Friday, July 30, 2010

Radio announcer pretends game is still going on so he doesn't have to go home to crazy wife

From the Wait 'til this Year Humor Vault

BALTIMORE--Radio play-by-play announcer Joe Angel pretended the Baltimore Orioles' game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday was still going on hours after it was completed so that he wouldn't have to go home to his "nutcase of a wife." When Miguel Tejada was thrown out at first to end the game 7-6 in favor of the Blue Jays, Angel said, "And the throw gets away! Tejada is around first and he'll make it to second!" As the Camden Yards crowd filed out, Angel reported that Adam Jones knocked in Tejada to tie the game. Though Angel's announcing partner packed up and left for home, Angel continued to make up game action all the way into the fake 15th inning. He then announced that Ty Wigginton hit a game-winning home run once he was "pretty sure that bitch was asleep." The Orioles decided not to fire Angel, saying that his life is bad enough already.

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  1. And he thinks SHE'S the crazy one??!! :)