Monday, October 18, 2010

Road trip!

Trevor Sierra, Brian Brennan, Jeffrey Williams and I headed East last Friday for a weekend of awesomeness centered around Michigan's Homecoming game against Iowa. It was awesome.

Just your standard Homecoming decoration: a one-legged football player made out of balloons.

We tailgated.

There was beer.

Not true: We wowed the other tailgaters with our superior football skills.
True: Just after this picture was taken, Jeffrey fumbled the ball while Trevor and Brian tripped over each others' legs and sustained Grade 2 concussions. Later in the day, Trevor would stumble backwards into an elderly woman wearing an Iowa jersey. He did not apologize, but rather yelled "Pass interference!" at her as he got up.

Hey, that looks kinda cool.

I think my favorite thing about the game was that people never seem to get up at college football games. I was right in the middle of a row and literally did not have to stand up once in the first half. This picture was taken in the middle of a timeout, I swear. 112,000 people, all focused on the game throughout. Very cool.

Michigan lost to the Hawkeyes 38-28, though backup QB Tate Forcier did make it close at the end after they trailed 28-7 at one point. So the crowd at the Big House was unable to hail to the victors, but I think I speak for all four of us when I say it was a fantastic experience.

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