Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting hitched without a hitch

It was a phenomenal and memorable weekend, and not just because the Bears beat the Vikings and Brett Favre had four turnovers. On Saturday, Trevor Sierra and Becky Krause tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on Illinois Wesleyan's campus. The happy couple appeared to be, well, very happy! The reception was a blast, a great night was had by all, and there was one hell of a best man speech. Also, I gave a speech. And Trevor fell off the stage, which was hilarious.

Congratulations to Becky and Trevor, and I wish them all the best! They probably won't see this for at least a week as they are currently in the beautiful confines of the 50th state (Hawaii).


  1. Congratulations to the wonderful couple! I hope someone got a videeo of Trevor falling off the stage .. priceless - as was the Bears win over Grandpa Favre.

  2. You thought I could go a week without reading your blog? That's silly. Thanks for the awesome speech and everything else. Why do I have the feeling that I'm never going to live down this alleged stage incident. I've yet to see any proof.