Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lincecum leads San Fran to giant World Series victory

A few random thoughts on the Giants' first World Series championship since 1954, when they were the New York Giants:

1) There's something pleasant about the fact that the Giants never won it all with Barry Bonds, but won it three years after he retired.

2) Part of me wishes the Rangers had won just so Cliff Lee would have been more inclined to re-sign with them. Anything to keep him away from the Yankees.

3) An important lesson learned: Having a manager on coke can get you to the World Series, but that's it.

4) Has there ever been a World Series victory that brought this many castoffs redemption? Cody Ross was cut from the Marlins this year; Aubrey Huff was placed on waivers by the Orioles and went unsigned by the Tigers last year; Pat Burrell was released by the Rays and subsequently signed to a minor league contract by the Giants; the White Sox let Juan Uribe walk; and the Padres let manager Bruce Bochy head north to a division rival. Congrats to them as well as all the non-misfits on the San Francisco roster.

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  1. Great observations. As a long-time fan of all teams hailing from California and being a liberal democrat, I was especially happy to see that the Giants won. I thought that it was an especially touching story this postseason and was glad to see that another underdog overcome daunting odds to achieve greatness. I really hope that the Giants can sustain this effort, but know that because there is such parity in Baseball it will be difficult in the long run. For now, go Giants!!!