Monday, February 9, 2009

Field of Dreams--in Zion, Ill.?

Play ball!

That's what they'll be doing in 2010 in northeast Chicago suburb Zion, Ill. Kevin Costner is the primary owner of a new minor league baseball team, which begs the question: which movie has he been involved in that most sounds like it could be about baseball, but isn't?

-No Way Out
-Hit and Run
-Message in a Bottle

OK, that last one doesn't sound like baseball, but I needed a third. The point is: Kevin Costner makes a lot of movies about sports, and he apparently involves himself in movies that sound like they'd be about sports, too. Now he's become the owner of an actual sports team. Talk about playing out a subconscious fantasy. Couldn't he just start a blog or something?

But seriously, this is pretty cool. I live just 45 minutes from Peoria, where one of the Cubs single A affiliates plays (Ryne Sandberg coached the team until this year). I saw Nomar Garciaparra play there, as well as Mark Prior. Minor league baseball is great: cheap seats, overly enthusiastic mascots, and you might just see a future star in your own backyard (not literally your back yard, that's Field of Dreams).

The nickname will be voted on by fans. How about the Untouchables?

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  1. Peoria Chiefs: minor leaguers who brawl in a major-league way: