Saturday, February 14, 2009

Warrick not Done

Wide receiver Peter Warrick was regarded as an extreme disappointment in the NFL. Now he'll be playing with the Bloomington Extreme (click post title for Pantagraph story).

Warrick was drafted fourth overall out of FSU by the Bengals in the 2000 NFL draft, having been the Sugar Bowl MVP and a two-time 1st team All-American. Warrick fizzled out in the NFL, however, and was cut by the Bengals before the 2005 season after being replaced by T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Bengals owner Mike Brown said, "It took dozens of workers 3-and-a-half months to put Housmend ... Hooshmanz ... that guy's name on a jersey. We've got too much invested in him. We have to play him now." (He didn't really say that.)

After a year with the Seahawks, Warrick spent time with the Las Vegas Gladiators of the AFL, and last year played with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. Warrick, therefore, set a record for biggest drop off in nickname manliness. Alouette, you may be aware, is a children's song about plucking the feathers off a skylark, a small bird. Repeat: he went from a gladiator to a children's song about plucking the feathers off a small bird.

Analysts say this record will likely never be broken, as this is currently the biggest possible drop off in nickname manliness. Former record holders include:

- NBL players who played for the Philadelphia Warriors followed by the Anderson Duffey Packers (that's not a joke ----->)
- players who went from any team at all to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms of the NL
- players who went from the Colt .45s of the NL to any team at all (seriously, naming your team after a semi-automatic pistol? Now that's manly.)

Note: CFL'ers who play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders followed by the Alouettes are in a tie for second behind Warrick.

The Extreme will play their first game Monday, May 4. Given that AFL teams often score in the 50s or higher, Warrick should be an exciting addition to the team.


  1. You should see the size of my balls.

    They are enormous.

    Now, this was entertaining. But why are we following Peter Warrick again? Just because he's chillin' at Mugsy's?

  2. For Pete(r)'s sake, aren't you the most responsive blogger? Thanks for the knowledge.

  3. ^The man has a point. No one needs to know that.

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  5. It's pretty obvious.

    Also, it is time for you to turn this into a Peter Warrick blog. The market for Cubs blogs is flooded, and everyone knows most Cubs fans can't read anyways.

  6. I keep changing my vote in your NBA poll. It's just so hard to decide.

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  8. I want Bradford to show me that thing he's always talking about. SHOW IT!

  9. Bradford: Knock knock who's there?