Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Look Back

The Illini had a good day on Tuesday without even taking the court. As some bloggers predicted, Purdue stepped it up with a big win over Michigan State, giving the Illini a realistic chance of catching the Spartans in the Big Ten. Here are the updated Big Ten standings:

Michigan State 10-3 20-5
Illinois 9-4 21-5
Purdue 9-4 20-6
Ohio State 7-5 17-6
Minnesota 7-6 19-6
Penn State 7-6 18-8
Wisconsin 7-6 16-9
Michigan 6-7 16-10
Northwestern 4-8 13-10
Iowa 3-10 13-13
Indiana 1-11 6-18

Michigan State lost for the first time on the road, as they were pasted 72-54. It was a three-point game at halftime, but Purdue dominated the second half. It looks like it will be an exciting final three weeks in the Big Ten! And I won my free sports bet at centsports.com!

My other prediction was in the NBA. The Bucks did indeed topple the Pistons, but it wasn't their offense that did the trick--it was their D. Milwaukee registered a 92-86 upset victory, and is now two games behind Detroit for the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference. The Bulls are just 2.5 games behind the Bucks, which is absurd, because that means they're 2.5 games out of a playoff spot, and the Bulls deserve a playoff spot about as much as Alfonso Soriano deserves a Career Postseason Achievement award. I'm selfishly glad the Bulls have a shot at the playoffs, but seriously: why does the NBA allow so many teams into the playoffs? It's Bulloney.


  1. Your blog is informative and witty.

  2. Oops. I meant to say that I hope Illinois wins tonight against Ohio St. This is the hardest game left on the schedule and I think if we win it we could have a serious shot at winning the regular season. wow, winning the regular season, that something I never would have thought was possible at the start of the season. Well done Mr. Weber.

    PS - my first comment was for the oral irritations blog I regularly follow

  3. Illinois actually plays Penn St. tonight at home. Ohio St. isn't till Sunday, but that will be the biggest game left for them until MSU. Gotta take care of business tonight, though (which they will).

  4. Penn St. will be a walk over. Tinsdale and Davis will combine for 30 points and 20 rebounds and Illinois wins by 15. Don't believe I'm confident of this? I bet as much as I could ($10.99) on centsports that this will happen.