Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super 'Nova

Well, put some butter and/or jam on my bracket, because it's toast. Pitt finally did what they had been threatening to do throughout the tournament--lost. The game was close all the way--the best game all tourney, if you ask me--and while DeJuan Blair was a force down low and Sam Young tried to carry the Panthers into the Final Four (28 points), I was extremely disappointed in Levance Fields. Fields suffered a sore groin March 4 against Marquette, and perhaps the lingering injury explains his postseason performance, but he didn't do anything to justify the hype. He rarely drove the ball, made some silly passes, and wasn't a big time scorer. I'm not saying Fields was a bad player--he averaged 11 points and 6 assists--but his shot selection and overall decision-making led me to believe he's perhaps the last point guard I would want of those remaining in the tournament.

Kudos to Villanova not only for making it to the Final Four, but also for their 22-23 performance from the free throw line. Had they not suffered the one miss, they would have set the tournament record for free throws made without a miss. Now that my bracket has more errors than a Bill Kristol column, I may root for the Wildcats--they're fun to watch. I'm looking forward to watching Louisville today as well.

One more note from Saturday: can someone please stop the runaway train of terrible that is Dick Enberg? The fast pace of college basketball seems to be too much for the 64-year-old Enberg, who was constantly saying the wrong score, wrong name, incorrect statistics, etc. Thank God we're done with him--I assume the Final Four will be called by Jim Nantz. I like Enberg's voice and style, and I think he's still well-suited for football, but these basketball games were painful.


  1. Send this to the Cubs mailbag .. maybe food for thought for Lou. I like it!

  2. Kudos on the Kristol knock, Mr. Blogger of Homophonic Name. I enjoyed that delicious dis for dinner.

    And I completely agree with comments about the debacle that is Dick Enberg. He's the Ron Santo of college basketball.