Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cubs get "Mock"ed, humiliated

Tuesday: Nationals 15, Cubs 6

The Cubs are now 5-13 since Justin Lehr and the Reds shut them out on August 5. The swoon has dropped them nine games behind the Cardinals, and the fat lady is humming if not singing.

Even the return of Carlos Zambrano and a return to Wrigley couldn't turn the Cubs' fortunes around--Zambrano couldn't make it through the fifth, and five relievers combined to allow seven runs. The Cubs are now just one game over .500, and are in danger of dropping back to the break-even point for the first time since the All-Star break.

Alfonso Soriano was scratched from the starting lineup with a sore left knee, but he would have played had he not been hurt, given that Piniella said he'll play his veterans down the stretch. Really? Even casual Cubs fans realize that young'uns like Jake Fox and Sam Fuld have been the defibrillators who have kept the Cubs' collective heart from stopping completely. What's next, replacing Randy Wells with Aaron Heilman? How about this for a managerial approach: don't commit to playing veterans or newbies, just play the guys who produce.

On the 2010 front, both Piniella and chariman Crane Kenney will likely be back next year. Jim Hendry remains the biggest question mark.

And finally, Jason Marquis is at it again. No, he didn't pitch last night (though he got a win with eight innings of one-run ball on Monday), but the man who has made the playoffs every year of his nine-year career (despite playing with three different teams) has helped lead the Rockies to a four-game lead in the NL Wild Card race. The Rockies weren't given much of a chance heading into the season, but the analysts clearly didn't account for Jason Marquis' magical ability to will his team to the postseason.

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  1. That IS singing you hear..not just some casual humming.