Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweeping failure

Thursday: Phillies 6, Cubs 1

Remember July 22? Probably not offhand, but I bring it up because that was the last time the Cubs were this few games over .500 (three).

Remember 1984? I don't, but that's the last time the Cubs were swept at home by the Phillies.

Suffice to say, it was not a good day, and it has not been a good week, for the Cubs. They don't look like they could beat the Melrose National Little League Phillies right now, let alone the major league team led by Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard et al. It was another laugher on Thursday, but only because the laughter keeps back the tears.

Here's my one positive from the game: Soriano tried to bunt. He failed, but he tried. Baby steps, people.

Okay, one more positive: Justin Berg had a successful major league debut, pitching two scoreless innings. Perhaps he could be our 8th inning guy?

Though the opponent doesn't seem to matter all that much right now, two last place teams will greet the Cubs in the coming week. The Pirates, who I believe have only 12 players on their roster after their trading binge, come to town for three, followed by a West Coast road trip which begins in San Diego. Ramirez should be back today, and hopefully the rest of the Cubs will be, too.

Maybe security was drunk, too

Regarding that beer-tossing fan from Wednesday, they did get the wrong guy. The culprit has now turned himself in. Here's the story. There's a good photo in that link of the main people involved.

(hat tip: Sherry Christol)

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