Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 MLB predictions

Outside of the Cardinals winning the NL Central, how will baseball's other five divisions pan out?

NL East

They won the division by six games last year, and added some guy named Roy Halladay this offseason. Scary good team.

NL West

Winners of the Wild Card last year, they have a ton of young talent such as Troy Tulowitzki, Dexter Fowler and Ian Stewart. Their rotation features Ubaldo Jimenez, Jeff Francis, Aaron Cook and Jorge De La Rosa. Closer Huston Street blew just two saves last year and had a .91 WHIP (though he will open the season on the DL). The Dodgers have Vicente Padilla and Ramon Ortiz at the back end of their rotation.

NL Wild Card

NL playoffs
Phillies over Rockies
Braves over Cardinals

Phillies over Braves (I really hope I'm wrong. I'm sick of the Phillies.)

AL Central
White Sox

Joe Nathan's injury kills the Twins. Buehrle and Peavy provide a nice 1-2 punch for the Sox, and they have a strong bullpen.

AL East

Added Granderson and return virtually the same rotation as last year's team that won 103 games.

AL West

Though I don't trust the back end of their rotation, Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee are at the front. And the top of their lineup with Ichiro and newly added Chone Figgins should produce some run-scoring opportunities for the guys in the middle of the order. The Angels and Rangers won't let them run away with it, though.

AL Wild Card
Red Sox

AL playoffs
Yankees over White Sox
Red Sox over Mariners

Red Sox over Yankees

World Series
Phillies over Red Sox


  1. I was just watching ESPN and they were making baseball predictions. The one that got my attention.... Reds to win the NL central and Cardinals to get the wildcard. I wish I knew who it was, but just overheard it. Strange...

  2. The Trib also had the Reds as a potential surprise team, as well as the Brewers.

  3. At least no one is crazy enough to pick the Pirates...they REALLY suck

  4. If the Reds win the NL central, I will stop watching baseball.

  5. I really don't like any of these predictions .. especially Yankees and White Sox. I certainly hope you are wrong. Oh, and of course, I don't like the Cardinals either.