Friday, April 30, 2010

"Sunglasses at Night" is the only song on Tony LaRussa's iPod

From the Wait 'til this Year Humor Vault

Above: Manager Tony La Russa wearing sunglasses. At night.

ST. LOUIS--A quick perusal of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa's iPod revealed that it contains just one song--Corey Hart's 1984 hit single "Sunglasses at Night." La Russa's iTunes account indicated that he listens to the song about 50-60 times per day.

"Oh, okay, okay, now it all makes sense," said Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright. "I couldn't figure out why, when he came out to the mound the other day, he just said, 'Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no, Don't masquerade with the guy in shades, oh no, I can't believe it, Don't be afraid of the guy in shades, oh no, it can't escape you,' and then walked back to the dugout. It was really weird. Although, strangely, it worked--I struck out the next two guys."

Sources said La Russa very recently had at least two other songs in his playlist: Stevie's Wonder's "Don't Drive Drunk" and Jimmy Buffett's "The Asshole Song."


  1. Please, oh please, tell me you had to look up those lyrics

  2. Don't lie - I saw it in your Ipod too! lol

  3. Your post made me cry. That's the funniest shit I've read in weeks.