Thursday, April 22, 2010

NCAA Tournament to add just three more teams?

ESPN reports that the NCAA is on the verge of expanding the men's basketball tournament to 68 teams, rather than expanding to 96 as had been rumored. CBS/Turner reportedly won a bidding war with ESPN, offering $10.8 billion for the TV rights over the next 14 years.

I was pretty pissed about the concept of a 96-team tournament (ruining a good thing, needing a piece of poster board in order to fill out a bracket, diminishing the importance of making the tournament, etc.), so this is great news. Plus, CBS/Turner will apparently be able to show every game via CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV (not sure if I get that one ...).

So the tournament will expand almost imperceptibly and stay that way for at least 14 years, and we'll be able to watch every game on television starting next year. Well done, NCAA.

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