Monday, May 31, 2010

Around the majors

*All stats accurate through Thursday

-Kevin Gregg is tied for third in the AL in saves.

-Surprisingly, the Blue Jays lead the majors in home runs--by 13! Their leading home run hitters are Jose Bautista, Vernon Wells, Alex Gonzalez and John Buck.

-The Cardinals have drawn 30 intentional walks this year. The Astros? Four.

-Baltimore is already 18 games out of first place. They trail the Rays, who are 19-5 on the road.

-The Brewers are 6-15 at home, but 13-13 on the road.

-A.J. Pierzynski averages only 2.97 pitches per plate appearance. No player has averaged under three for a full season since Randall Simon in 2002.

-Guess who leads the majors in innings pitched ... Yup, Roy Halladay. He's averaging just under eight innings per start.

-Ubaldo Jimenez (9-1, 0.88) has posted a quality start in all 10 of his starts.

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