Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun with statistics
  • Starlin Castro had six RBI after three major league at-bats. The man he essentially replaced in the lineup, Mike Fontenot, had 71 at-bats before Castro's call-up. In those 71 at-bats, he had ... six RBI. Fontenot nearly doubled his season's RBI total in his 72nd at-bat of the season with a pinch-hit grand slam.
  • Aramis Ramirez has the same number of strikeouts (31) as hits and runs combined (20 + 11 = 31). Ramirez also has a lower batting average (.159) than Ryan Dempster and a lower OBP than Carlos Silva who, prior to this year, had not played in the National League since 2003.
  • Speaking of Silva, he has four quality starts this season; he had one all of last season (granted, he was injured for a significant portion of it). Silva has three wins on the season; he had five the last two seasons combined.
  • Ryan Theriot had back-to-back games with two stolen bases on April 12 and April 14. He has stolen only two other bases this season.
  • Marlon Byrd has 23 RBI this season. The man he essentially replaced, Milton Bradley, notched his 23rd RBI on July 25 of last year.
  • Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez have combined for fewer hits than Tigers rookie Austin Jackson.
  • Of the four Cubs starters with the most starts, Gorzelanny and Dempster have the best ERAs (2.83 and 3.44, respectively) but the fewest wins (1 and 2). Silva and Wells (3.50 and 4.57) have three wins each.


  1. you make fun of sabermetrics, then you admit stats can be fun? I hate you. (not really, but come on!)

  2. I wasn't really making fun of sabermetrics--that post was just a good-natured joke. I love statistics and sabermetrics, though I admit I'm still not as good with sabermetrics as people like you.

  3. okay, then next time you have fun with stats I want you to throw in at least one sabermetrics stat. The only way you get good is with practice.