Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Racist basketball coach definitely not getting the most out of his roster

From the Wait 'til this Year Humor Vault

Jerome Richardson watches as his team loses by 30. Teammate Lester Chadwick was 1-for-15 in the game with seven turnovers and one basket made for the other team.

CHESTER, South Carolina--When Len Wixby was hired as coach of the Chester Community College men's basketball team, most CCC students and locals weren't too bothered by the rumors that swirled about Wixby being a racist. But after a miserable 3-26 season, fans couldn't help but question his coaching strategy with regard to playing time.

For example, Bubba Smith, a white, 5'9 shooting guard, played nearly five times as many minutes as 6'5 Darius Jackson, who is black. Also, Jerome Richardson, a 6'8 forward who won his state's high school dunk competition and happens to be black, played in only three games all year as he was stuck behind 5'10 Lester Chadwick, who is white. "About the only thing Chadwick can jump," says a local scout, "is a car battery."

When reached for comment, Wixby defended himself by saying he's not a racist, he's just a terrible basketball coach.


  1. Chester Chadwick playing for Chester Community College? Someone may have gone above their alliteration allotment. Just kidding, very funny post.

  2. I changed it. I think I probably had a brain fart when I picked that player's name.