Monday, April 13, 2009

Life's a pitch

Some phenomenal pitching performances Sunday, including:

-Aaron Harang, a (very) early candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. After a 16-6 season in 2007, Harang completely fell apart last year, putting up another "6," but in the wrong column--he was 6-17 with a 4.78 ERA, his highest ERA since 2004. Sunday's line for Harang vs. the Pirates: 9 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 9 K. He's now 1-1 with a .64 ERA.

-Kyle Lohse, that dirty bastard. I was confident that Lohse was only good last year because he was playing for a contract. After signing a 4-year, $41 million contract in September, I figured the real Kyle Lohse would once again stand up. In 2005-2007, he won 9, 5 and 9 games, respectively. Last year, after being picked up off the scrapheap by Dave Duncan and the Cardinals, he went 15-6 with a 3.78 ERA.

Well, Lohse absolutely mowed down the Astros Sunday, retiring 24 in a row at one point and finishing with a 3-hit shutout. He's now 2-0 with a .56 ERA. Perhaps Todd Wellemeyer will be the one to fall off the table this season?

-Erik Bedard couldn't quite post a complete game, but that's partly due to the fact that his team tallied just three hits and one run. But Bedard was still able to eke out a 1-0 win with 8.1 innings of 3-hit, shutout baseball over the A's.

-Randy Wolf beat the D'Backs with a strong 7-inning outing, allowing just two hits and one run.

-Oh, and if that's not enough for you: Johan Santana gave up no earned runs over seven innings (three hits, 13 K) but lost on account of Josh Johnson's complete game five-hitter (one run).

If we combine these six outings, here's what it looks like: 49.1 IP, 19 hits, 2 ER.

One more time: that's 49.1 IP, 2 ER. That's an ERA of .36. Good day to be on a mound.

Cubs notes
  • Soriano's four home runs are more than he had in the month of April combined in 2007 and 2008.
  • Game six of the season, Bradley leaves with injury. We'll wait before we panic, but groin pain never sounds good.
  • The Brewers became the second team this season to walk in four runs in one inning (Atlanta did the same favor for the Phillies earlier this week).
  • Did you see Prince Fielder tip his hat to Reed Johnson after he robbed him of a grand slam? That's good sportsmanship and just plain good fun.
  • The last two games of the Cubs/Brewers series ended with Prince Fielder striking out with a chance to tie it or take the lead.
  • The Cubs drew 10 walks on Sunday.

"Zero" watch
-The Nationals continued their love of futility, losing 8-5 to the Braves. The 0-6 start is their worst since 1998, when they lost their first seven contests.
-The Indians, on the other hand, finally found the win column with an 8-4 victory over Toronto.


  1. You could have mentioned Mark Buehrle.
    6.1 IP
    2 H
    1 R
    5 SO

    I know he didn't pitch 8 plus innings but he was dominate while he was on the mound! Show the White Sox some love!

  2. Good point! Amazing how few hits were given up by so many pitchers on the same day.

  3. Prince tipped his hat and then Reed got beaned the next time he was up and the Brewers fans cheered. That is NOT good sportsmanship. The ESPN announcers said it wasn't intentional - and I think they believed themselves. Oh puleez.