Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Day victory, part deux

Remember all that stuff yesterday about pitchers not giving up hits? Well, Ted Lilly clearly read my blog and became jealous, because he took a no-hitter into the 7th inning Monday against the Rockies. He ultimately went 6.2 innings, allowing one hit and no runs en route to a Cubs Opening Day (for Wrigley, anyways) shutout.

It was probably a good thing the Cubs didn't need many runs to win the game, as they were without Ramirez (back), Bradley (groin) and Soto (elbow). Ramirez and Soto should be back Wednesday; the Cubs are targeting a weekend return for Bradley.

MLB notes
-Evan Longoria? Probably not a fluke: He's batting .467 with 12 RBI and an ML-leading 5 HR, putting him in the top four in all three Triple Crown categories (yes, I know--it's way too early for talk of postseason awards, but I find it enjoyable). He was named last week's AL Player of the Week. Could he possibly follow in Ryan Howard's footsteps by winning the MVP on the heels of winning Rookie of the Year (there I go again--I can't help myself)?

-Joe Morgan is an absolutely atrocious, godawful, dreadful announcer. I mean he's great, except for his one fatal flaw: he is the worst communicator in the world. Every time he talks, I feel like I'm listening to a four-year-old with a stutter try to explain the theory of relativity while eating a caramel and blowing a bubble. What kind of dirt does this guy have on ESPN's director of personnel?

-We've already had both a cycle (Orlando Hudson, Monday) and a triple play (Pirates, Sunday) in the 2009 season.

-Jermaine Dye and Paul Konerko went back-to-back Monday, and it was the 300th career home run for each of them.

-Piniella declared that Fukudome will no longer be pulled for defensive purposes in the late innings, as he is batting .417 to start the year.

-Through six games, no Cubs starter has recorded a loss, and five of the seven starts have been quality starts.

Samardzija watch
Jeff has pitched in two games for the Iowa Cubs, including a start on Monday. In his first appearance, he allowed two home runs and three earned runs, but his start was better: 4 IP, 2 hits, no runs. His ERA sits at 4.50.

"Zero" watch
The Nationals came really close this time--really, they did! But their comeback fell short, and they lost 9-8 to the Phillies. 0-7.


  1. I'm glad Ted read your blog; those fans needed something to cheer about after sitting out in that miserable weather.

  2. A Few Things:
    Joe Morgan is BAD! I completely agree with you on this one! He is terrible! In fact, I should take a stand and just boycott his games, even if they are compelling match-ups. Be on the look out for my new website: www.joemorgantheworst.org

    Thanks for the White Sox love!

    The Dye & Konerko home runs were an amazing feat. It was an actual once in a lifetime occurrence for two players to hit the same milestone, in the same game, back-to-back! AMAZING!!!

    I also think you are developing a man crush on Longoria and I don't mean the desperate one.

    Lastly, someone told me Nick Swisher pitched for the Yankees because of a blowout. Give us some info on that.