Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you really allowed to dump the water cooler on your coach when you're 1-7?

"Win #1! Win #1!"

All the Rams needed to do to get their first win in over a year was do what everyone else does--play the Lions!

Maybe it's mean of me, but with the Rams falling just two losses shy of tying the Lions' streak of 19 straight, I'm actually sad that they'll never get credit for having been so God-awful over the last couple years. Only the Lions' simultaneous suckiness and the fact that the Rams' streak covered two seasons (as opposed to going 0-16 in a single season) allowed them to fly under the media's Repulsiveness Radar.

Fish Fun

I don't know about you, but I'm having a lot of fun watching the Dolphins this year. Sure, they're only 3-4, but they've won three of their last four and also gave the Saints their only real scare to this point in the season.

When the year began, I thought the Wildcat offense was lame and shortsighted. Sure, you might catch someone off guard with it, but is that really your plan for the whole season? Really?

Really. The Dolphins rush for 170 yards a game. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both rank in the top 20 in the league in rushing yards. And Coach Tony Sparano has added plenty of wrinkles to the Wildcat to keep opposing coaches on their toes.

This week's game against the Patriots will likely reveal whether Miami has any staying power whatsoever, but either way, I think they're one of the more enjoyable teams to watch on Sundays.

7th Heaven

But no team is more entertaining than the 7-0 New Orleans Saints. They lead the league with 427 yards/game, which has helped them put up Arena Football-like scores of 48, 48, 46, 45, and 35. In their other two games, they put up measly totals of 27 and 24. How about this--they lead the NFL in points despite the fact that eight of the thirty-two teams have played one more game than they have.

Packer backer?

No, I'm certainly not a Green Bay supporter, but I almost feel a little bad for their fans. I mean, Favre has ripped their collective heart out, thrown it to the ground and stomped all over it (while wearing spikes). For all you mid-90s Bulls fans out there, can you imagine if Michael Jordan had retired, come back to play for the Pistons, and then proceeded to juke, dunk and defend his way to crushing victories over the Bulls, all while jumping around with his hands in the air like a happy little schoolgirl? It's almost too painful to even let the image float through your mind, but Packers fans have had to watch it in real life.


  1. Word. Packers fans are watching it in real life. In fact, this Packers fan actually watched it in person. At Lambeau. It was depressing. Especially when you have a crazy old maid dressed all in Packers gear but yelling "GOOO BRETT!!!!!" and "Aaron Rodgers is Ted Thompson's boyfriend!!" and "Brett Favre is a fucking god!!!!" at the top of her lungs the row behind you. (Get a Vikings jacket, lady! Clearly you're not rooting for the Packers anymore.) That said, I didn't appreciate the scores of Favre boo-ers either. He did give the Packers many long years of good football. He deserves a little respect at least.

  2. Stop giving "him" any ink.