Monday, January 18, 2010

Cubs lose

It's great that Geovany Soto lost 37 pounds in the offseason, but that's not the physical change that will lead to a successful 2010 season--it's the new 'do! The man's looking sharp, as you can see in the video below. And I'm going to use this as a reason to believe Soto will return to 2008 form. After all, what is the Cubs Convention for if not for fans to breathe in a healthy dose of unjustified optimism?

By the way, watch the video below if you haven't already:

The man is a walking advertisement for the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

"I used to be a little sluggish, used to be ... I wanted to take a nap."

Translation: "I used to go home after games and take a few bong rips."

"I have a lot of energy, I'm kind of wired all day. ... I'm active the whole day."

Translation: "I don't smoke pot any more."

Also weighing in ...

is Carlos Zambrano, who also showed up at the convention in great shape. He raved about the nutritionist and personal chef the Cubs hired, saying, 'The way to help this team is to stay healthy and be in good shape. The Cubs now have a nutritionist and a chef for us, and that's good. We can stay with that program and eat healthy and have a good year.'' (source: Tribune)

Players always sound right at the Cubs Convention. It's a fun, light-hearted atmosphere, and they're always going to say things like, "I was disappointed in (insert particular failure here), but you can tell (2010, 2011, etc.) is going to be different. (Insert GM here) has really made some great (trades/free agent pick-ups), and we're ready to have a great season."

But the Cubs aren't just sounding good this year, they're looking good. And that's nice to see.

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