Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tonight Show with Conan O'B ... er, Jay Leno

Shocking to think that NBC is in the dumps despite the brilliant minds at work there. The bozos apparently couldn't anticipate that the ratings would drop a bit when Jay Leno passed the torch that he's been holding for 17 years. Conan doesn't even get a full year to find his way and try to get the ratings up?

I guess this means the "Best of Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" DVD will be pretty cheap.

Obviously Conan has plenty of dough and plenty of fame, and does not need anyone to shed a tear for him. That said, I do feel bad for him given that he worked his way up from SNL writer to Simpsons writer to out-of-nowhere host of Late Night to host of television's biggest institution. To achieve a lifelong dream only to see it taken away just a few months later would be difficult for anyone, even if you do have millions of dollars and millions of fans to help cushion your fall.

Props to Jimmy Kimmel for ripping Leno to shreds as a guest on Leno's own show (why in the world did they invite him on just a day after Kimmel spent his entire show mocking Leno?):

hat tip: Trevor Sierra

Conan has of course written and performed many, many funny things. One of my favorites that didn't take place on Late Night or The Tonight Show is his commencement speech to Harvard's class of 2000.


  1. Viva Le Conan. Hopefully he'll go to Fox and we'll see the resurrection of some of his better characters like PimpBot and the "touchy" Bear.

  2. One of my fave Conan bits: