Monday, March 1, 2010

The name game, vol. 2 (The Baylor Edition)

The Baylor Bears get a post all to themselves for having such a phenomenal collection of names on their roster. To wit:

Ekpe Udoh
Again, not all the names on these lists are funny--some of them are just awesome. This one's awesome.

Givon Crump
This one's funny.

LaceDarius Dunn
This one's ridiculous. Do you know how many boy names are listed in the average baby book? I don't either, but it's a ton. But noooo, LaceDarius's parents just couldn't find a name good enough for them, so they had to make up some ridiculous s**t.

Dragan Sekelja
It's pronounced "drahgahn," but it's damn close to dragon.

Quincy Acy
Sounds made up. Who has two names that end in "y"?

Tweety Carter
No doubt a Twitter addict.

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