Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back to your regularly scheduled blowout

Week 15: Ravens 31, Bears 7

Did you happen to see the Panthers dominate the Vikings on Sunday night? Or the Raiders put together a last-minute drive to beat the Broncos in Denver? Or Tampa Bay getting their second win by pasting the Seahawks? Did you see the Lions put up a helluva fight against the Cardinals?

I just wanted to make sure you were aware that sometimes even bad teams can beat good ones. Any given Sunday, and all that. You show up, you play hard, and you never know.

Unfortunately, the Bears know how to show up, but they can't seem to figure out the whole "play hard" thing. Which means we Bears fans always know that a loss is on the horizon when the Ravens or the Bengals or the Cardinals are on the same field.

The team had to battle a blizzard just to get to Baltimore. Turns out they should have called Roger Goodell and asked for a snow day. After all, I'm pretty sure Jay Cutler has two eyes made out of coal after watching him throw three more interceptions. When Cutler scrambled for 13 yards and a first down early in the second quarter, I thought, "Oh, I get it now! Cutler should have been a running back!" How did it take us all so long to see it? He can't throw for s**t, but the man can run!

Despite committing to the air attack because they were trailing the entire game, Cutler failed to throw for 100 yards. And keep in mind that the measly seven points they put on the board were the result of Earl Bennett's punt return, not the offense.

Cutler wasn't the only one to blame. I can't help but think that the rest of the players have twigs for hands, because they put the ball on the turf twice. That's six turnovers in all, folks! On the bright side, Cutler's QB rating was higher than the number of turnovers the Bears had (but only by 1.9).

I must say, the Bears have this "turnover" thing down pat. Hopefully that will bode well as the McCaskeys consider the massive turnover that needs to take place in the upper ranks of the organization. Lovie must feel like his nuts are roasting on an open fire after Jerry Angelo said Sunday that he doesn't "look at money in those times," referring to the $11 million that would be owed Lovie if he were shown the door. "It's not about money. It's about doing what we need to do to be a good football team."

One can only hope the McCaskeys take Angelo's words to heart, and that they see Angelo as part of the problem as well. And, of course, Ron Turner needs to go, too, if for no other reason than because he called some sort of fade-like pass to Greg Olsen on fourth-and-goal from the two.

For Christmas, I would have taken some glimmer of hope that the Bears could at some point step up, play a solid game, and play with one of the better teams in the league. Not even that they would actually do it, just the ability to hope that they would. But since that's not going to happen, I'll settle for the second thing on my list: on Lovie, on Dasher, on Dancer and Prancer; on Ronnie (Turner), on Vixen, on Comet and Cupid; on Jerry (Angelo), on Donner, on Blitzen and Rudolph! And don't come back!

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  1. I opted to walk a few miles on the treadmill instead of watch the game .. figured it would be less painful; I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.