Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bulls can't seal victory, which may seal Vinny's fate

Vinny Del Negro, meet Scott Skiles.

For lunch. To get advice on how to handle getting fired right around Christmas. Because that's what's about to happen to you.

Skiles--who now coaches the Bucks, a team with a better record than the Bulls--was fired by the Bulls on Christmas Eve in 2007. Del Negro seems to be begging for the same fate to befall him. His hapless Bulls have gone 4-13 since mid-November, but just to make sure John Paxson fully understood their incompetence, they blew a 35-point third quarter lead against the sub-.500 Kings. At home.

It was the biggest comeback in the NBA since 1996. It was pathetic. Del Negro has clearly lost this team.

While the Bulls took the Celtics to seven games in one of the greatest playoff series ever played last year, they were just a 41-41 team in the regular season. And now they're 10-17 this year and getting worse. Though I'm not sure it can get any worse than Monday's performance.

Oh, and Vinny--when you have that lunch with Scott Skiles, bring Lovie with you.

And now, for some ... hockey?!!

You may have already seen/heard this, but it's pretty funny. The Florida Panthers radio announcer has a rather interesting way of calling goals.

He never ceases to amaze

Good column by Dan Wetzel on the continued arrogance and me-first attitude of the 40-year-old Vermin. (hat tip: my mom)

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  1. You can't forget the "let him tie his shoe while he holds the ball" Bulls episode either. Oh, and didn't they lose to the lowly Nets? Bulls and Bears .. pathetic. And since I don't like hockey, bring on spring training.