Friday, December 4, 2009

Gateway to a win?

The Rams are 1-19 in their last 20 games; their one win was a seven-point victory over the Lions five weeks ago. When they've taken the field this year, they've lost by an average of 15 points, a result of the fact that they have scored the third-fewest points in the league and allowed the third-most.

While most people believe Lovie Smith's job is safe if for no other reason than the fact that Jerry Angelo would have to pay him a pretty penny just to fire him, I think there are two games left on the schedule that could cost him his job: this Sunday's, and the season finale against Detroit. If Lovie can't motivate the Blue and Orange to make the Rams black and blue, then he may get that pink slip after all.

The Bears trounced the Rams last year, winning 27-3 behind Matt Forte's 139 yards on the ground. In fact, the Bears racked up 208 total rushing yards in that game. This is a problem the Rams have yet to correct--they allow just a shade under 150 rushing yards per game this year.

There aren't a lot of positive things to say about this year's Bears, but here's one: when they've played the patsies of the league, they've taken care of business. They doubled up the Lions 48-24 and slaughtered the Browns 30-6. Well, Bears, you get another chance this Sunday. It's time to batter the Rams.


Just put all 11 men in the box. Because Steven Jackson is freakin' ridiculous. He has rushed for 1,000+ yards every year since 2005 despite being on several awful, awful Rams teams. Can you imagine if this guy had an offensive line and a quarterback? He's already eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark this year, and is second only to the Titans' Chris Johnson on the rushing leaderboard. But at least you can afford to devote pretty much all your defensive attention to him, because ...

Kyle Boller sucks. I suppose it's not really fair to call that a "key to the game," but it doesn't make it untrue. Boller didn't play at all in '08, but has been called upon here in '09 because Marc Bulger broke his leg. He actually played respectably last week, but threw one interception that was returned for a TD and another in the end zone (remind you of anyone?). Add in the fact that the Rams' best receiver is some guy named Donnie Avery, and you have a recipe for focusing entirely on Steven Jackson. Seriously, don't even bother to look at anyone else. Just go tackle Jackson whether he has the ball or not.

Trickeration. Watch for it on both sides of the ball. The Rams have nothing to lose while the Bears have finally reached the official point of "We're not going anywhere this year." That's a recipe for onside kicks, double reverses, and other things that drive you nuts if you bet on the spread.

Get off the schnide. Another sad excuse for a "key to the game," but it provides me a means through which I can tell you that the Bears have lost four straight and are trying to avoid losing five straight for the first time since 2002. For Christ's sake, have some respect and get a win already.

Where'd he come from?

QB Kyle Boller, California
RB Steven Jackson, Oregon State
DE James Hall, Michigan

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