Friday, December 11, 2009

An NFC North battle in NFC North weather

After a loss to the previously winless Bucs in Week 9, the Packers were 4-4 and staring down a so-so season. But after four straight wins, they're 8-4 and currently in position to make the playoffs (anyone else rooting for a Packers-Vikings match-up?). Given their newfound hope for a successful 2009 campaign, the Bears have a chance to produce what would perhaps be the brightest spot of their season by doing damage to the Pack's playoff hopes and winning a rivalry game.

After losing seven straight games to Green Bay earlier in the decade, the Bears have now won seven of the last eleven games, including the last two at Soldier Field. This Sunday's game is bound to be a heated affair despite the forecast calling for a high of 37 and snow.


Pressure Rodgers ... or else. Rodgers has the fourth-best QB rating in the league and is fifth in passing yards. And this despite having been sacked eight more times than any other QB. He's been sacked at least once in all but one game, and at least twice in nine games! The Bears are in the bottom half of the league in sacks, but they should be able to produce some pressure against the Pack. And they'd better, if they don't want to get torched.

Running between the tackles. Because of the weather, we may be in for a game similar to what we saw between Pittsburgh and Cleveland last night--keeping it simple, pounding the ball. That doesn't bode all that well for the Bears given Forte's struggles, but Ryan Grant hasn't made a ton of noise this year either. Getting the running game going might be a requirement to win this game.

Hester and Briggs. Both are questionable due a calf injury (Hester) and a sprained left knee (Briggs). It seems highly unlikely that the Bears can win this game even at full strength. If their best defensive player and one of their key offensive weapons are out, the Bears will be guaranteed a .500 or worse season when the game's over.

Where'd he come from?

QB Aaron Rodgers, California
RB Ryan Grant, Notre Dame
WR Donald Driver, Alcorn State
LB A.J. Hawk, Ohio State
CB Charles Woodson, Michigan

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  1. Bears fans need at least one bright spot for the season so it should be a win on Sunday .. if that's even a remote possibility.