Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Week 13: Bears 17, Rams 9

I haven't felt this bad about a win since ... well, since Week 8 when the Bears beat the Browns 30-6 but managed to look bad doing it.

Watching the Bears squeak out a win against the lowly Rams was like watching your 18-year-old brother beat the 10-year-old from down the street in a race. Sure, he won, but only by three steps? Really? That 10-year-old is overweight! Isn't your brother on the high school track team?

This game simply confirmed what we already knew--the Bears are not in the bottommost tier in the NFL, but they're only one tier above it. They can beat the Rams, the Browns, the Lions, maybe the Bucs, and perhaps the Raiders and Chiefs. But if you bet on 'em against anyone else, it had better be with money you're ready and willing to part with.

They did find a way to keep Cutler from throwing any interceptions: he only threw the ball 17 times. And while it was nice to see a commitment to the running game, the fact that Forte still couldn't break into triple-digits in rushing yards--especially against such a porous run defense (Tim Hightower and Justin Forsett each ran for 100 yards against these guys!)--shows you how bad the ground game truly is.

The whole game felt like it should have been viewed through a toilet seat. I was switching back and forth to other games, and it seemed like every time I flipped to the Bears game someone was punting, losing yards or throwing an incompletion. And that goes for both teams. It's sad that the Bears were playing in one of "those games" that an objective NFL fan would completely ignore while analyzing the slate of games for the upcoming week:

"What do we have this week?"

"Let's see, Philly/Atlanta ..."

"Ooh, not bad."

"We've got Tennessee/Indy ..."

"That should be a good one."

"Bears are playin' the Rams ..."

"Ugh, gross."

But that's where we're at. Next up, a home date with the rival Packers who have won four straight.

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