Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here we go again ...

***UPDATE*** Paul Sullivan says the deal is done, and it's for three years, $15 million. Shockingly, Bruce Levine says the deal is believed to be backloaded.

The Cubs have now taken Milton Bradley, Rudy Jaramillo and Marlon Byrd from the Rangers in the last year.

Another free agent signing the Cubs are going to regret. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are close to signing free agent OF Marlon Byrd to a three-year deal. Byrd is 32 and coming off a career year, two rather disconcerting facts. And even in that career year, he put up just 20 HR and 89 RBI, along with a .283 batting average and a subpar .329 OBP, all in a hitter-friendly ballpark in Arlington.

The 20 home runs were twice the number he has hit in any other season, and the next-most RBI he's ever tallied is 53. His career averages? Twelve HR, 69 RBI, .279 average, .340 OBP.

The terms of the contract are unknown, but committing three years to a very average outfielder coming off a career year for anything more than about $3 million per year would be a mistake. And we all know he'll get more than $9 million. Hendry's made a lot of great moves in his time as GM, but this appears to be yet another case of him overpaying for an outfielder in the hopes that he'll be better than he's ever been before.

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